A Brief History of the Tack Flute Foundation

Formerly the George B. Tack Memorial Flute Committee​

Founded 1966 in Wichita, Kansas

Board Members

Mr. George B. Tack was a renowned flute instructor and the first Principal Flutist of the Wichita Symphony Orchestra. Following his death in 1966, friends and colleagues of the Wichita flutist and teacher formed a memorial committee for the purpose of perpetuating Mr. Tack’s lifelong interests in flute playing and young people. Mr. Tack’s Haynes flute was given to the committee to be loaned on an annual basis to a deserving young flutist who needed a better instrument but could not afford one. Since 1967, many young flutists have had a chance to use his instrument and be encouraged by it.

Some years later, a Haynes flute owned by the Wichita Public Schools was also made available to be lent by the committee. Then charter committee member Carol Holman, who died in 1985, willed her flute to the committee. In 1997, Wichita elementary teacher, Jane Grimble, donated her flute. The Carol Hellar flute was donated in 2001 and in 2003, the Fred Kerr family donated an additional flute. The Tack committee retired Mr. Tack’s flute in 2008. In 2019, the family of Sheralynn Neff donated her flute, so there are presently six flutes available to area flute students who now have the opportunity to further their musical growth through the use of these instruments.

In 1984, the committee expanded its efforts to encourage area flutists by inaugurating a cash awards competition for high school flutists called Award for Excellence in Flute Performance. In 2007, a middle school division called Flute Showcase was added. In addition to the competition, the committee sponsors a flute festival each year which features masterclasses, flute choirs, a flute recital, and exhibits by local music stores. This is open to all area flutists of any age.

We partner with local schools and universities to bring flute competitions to Wichita and provide a limited number of high-quality flutes to students auditioning throughout the year.